Adri Jovin John Joseph

Member, ACM Future of Computing Academy

Animal Science

Animal Science had always been an interest for me, right from my childhood. Though my prime focus is over technology, I never forget to extend my verges towards my childhood interest.  One of my primary works on Animal Science as an interdisciplinary approach is on the classification of vertebrates. I did it during a period when I was not exposed to Database Systems and was not aware of copyrights. Still, I believe this rudimentary work serves to provide motivation and an outlook on vertebrate classification. Below is the link towards the work… Apologies if you find any copied contents… I am still working to set it right with some own content and citations wherever required.

Classification of Vertebrates

My interests in Animal Behavior had motivated me to take up a course on Animal Behaviour offered by the Wageningen University through edX which fetched me with a verified Certificate of Accomplishment.


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