Adri Jovin John Joseph

Member, ACM Future of Computing Academy


My research areas include Software Mobile Agents, Cybersecurity, Cryptography, Computer Vision and Graphics, Data Structures, Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Software Defined Networks, Tamil Computing, Blockchain, Cyber Law and Forensics.

My doctoral thesis titled “A Novel Approach for Secure Data Transfer using Mobile Agents in Distributed Environment” exhibits my significant contribution to Mobile Agent Security. One of the key contributions of this research work is the introduction of “Trust Score“, a parameter to measure the trustworthiness of a Mobile Agent, which was much appreciated by the examiners of the thesis. Still, I work with certain soft computing techniques to enhance this parameter.

I prefer being a continuous learner and tend to upgrade myself with the latest technologies which are related to the domains of Artificial Intelligence and Distributed systems, may it be blockchains or software-defined networks and so on.

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