Apart from my academics, biology, yoga etc., another thing I love the most is music. I love to hear it, whatever the form it may be in. Devotional or Rock..!
Classical or Western..! From the East, to the West! I would say, it is a gift given to me by GOD. I love playing my keyboard, tabla, violin, flute etc. whenever I
get some time. I am not a master, but just a practitioner. I have released four albums, "Voice of.., Dreamland, From my heart...!, New Life", by name. I don't
know whether you would love it or not, but it is some outcome from my heart and mind... I thank Iyyappan Master, who taught me tabla. Without him, I may
not have known the value of percussions... Another person I would like to thank is Mr.Rexin Thus Nevis, HOD, Depatment of Humanities and Sciences,
St.Xaviers Catholic College of Engineering, the then Fine Arts Club Coordinator of SXCCE, who brought me to light and strengthened me with his continuous
encouragement. I relax myself hearing or playing music.

  Below are the songs that were composed by me. It contains a mixture of genres. Listen to it and give your comments.

Last updated on July 01, 2012