Though I am a person related to Information Technology, I'm very much interested in Biology. Sometimes, I even say "I loved Biology, but married
Information Technology". May be ridiculous...but its true. Still, I am happy with what I have. I loved Biology a lot. Initially, I was working with Taxonomy
(especially Binomial Nomenclature). I have also developed a solution for preserving biological specimen which could be used as an alternative for Formalin and
could be produced at a cheaper cost. I didn't get much opportunity to bring that product to light, but had tested it successfully over small specimen. My areas
of interest in biology include Genetics, Animal Behavious Analysis (which is closely related to psycho-analysis of animal behaviors), Taxonomy, Ecology and
Molecular Biology. Now I am working on using Information Technology for various biological studies. A link to my initial works on Taxonomy (just data
collection) is given below. Though the work is incomplete, it may greatly help students pursuing Zoology as a major subject to classify the Vertebrates. It is
even used as a reference for some research works. I did this work, some 8 years back, during my school days. Feel free to ask any doubt in this work. I shall
try to my best to make it clear. I am also a person interested in conserving nature. I often assist in the activities initiated by the World Wildlife Fund, Green
Peace, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Asian Animal Protection Network etc.

  I would like to remember my teachers during my school days, especially Mr. Arul Rajan, Mr. Sahaya Rajan, Mr. Mathias, Mr. Shenbaga Perumal,
Mr. Abraham Lincoln, Mr.Jerome Xavier, Mr. Alousious Innocent, Mr. I.M.V. Jerome at this time. They not only taught me the subject but did inspire me and
taught me what life is ( especially the importance of a life with values and ethics). I heartily thank each of my staff!
Vertebrate Classification
Last updated on July 01, 2012