In this space, I like to share something about me. Just a small story from my birth to till date.

  On October 16, 1987, I was blessed to my beloved father Mr.C.M.John Joseph and my ever-loving mother M.Vimala at Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District. To
say about my parents, I'm really blessed and lucky to have them both, who almost sacrificed their happiness, their life and everything, just for me.

   I was admitted for my play school in Hildas Public School, Nagercoil. Later on, I was admitted in St.Joseph's Primary School (now St.Joseph's
Matriculation Higher Secondary School) where I did my primary education. I have to tell one thing. In most cases, I feel really lucky and gifted to have
dedicated teachers who encouraged me in each and every activity including extra-curricular activities. My parents did the same at home. I was nourished by
the love and care of my parents and teachers. After having completed my Primary Education, I had to move to Carmel Higher Secondary School where I
continued my Middle School, High School and Higher Secondary Education. I really had a great time in Carmel Higher Secondary School with teachers who
taught me not only the subjects but also the lesson of life, the need for a disciplined life and a life with ethics and humanitarian values. Carmel was the
"Bodhi Tree" which gave me knowledge. It was the place which molded me. I thank you teachers...It is only because of you, I'm here! I really can't forget any
of the staff who taught me there ( Mr.Mathias, Mr. Arulrajan, Mr.Dominic Rajan, Mr.Babu Simon Raj, Mr.Prabhakaran, Mr. Shenbaga Perumal, Mr.Francis
Alloy, Mr. David Raj, Mr. Russel Raj, Mr.Vijayan, Mr. Vergin, Mr. Selvaraj, Mr.Sahaya Rajan, Mr. Mahiban, Mr. Jayapaul, Mr. Ubald, Mr. Abraham Lincoln,
Mr. Lazar, Michael Raj, Mr. Gopinath, Mr. Cross Raj, Mr. Peppin James, Mr. Narendran, Mr. Ephrame, Mr.Gelestin, Mr. George Stephen, Mr. I.M.V.Jerome,
Mr. Rex, Mr. Jerome Xavier, Fr. Amaladhas, Fr. Anandhanadhan, Mr. Noble Dhas, Mr. Rangasamy and many other who had supported me in non-academics).
If I forget them, then I consider it as a great sin. I completed my SSLC with 476/500 and my HSC with 1108/1200 in this "Tree of Knowledge". By the mean
time I have to specify my mentor Mr.N.Jacob Swamidhas who taught me a lot in life. After I completed my schooling, I joined St.Xavier's Catholic College of
Engineering where I did my B.Tech degree in Information Technology. By the meantime, I completed my Diploma in Yoga from Annamalai University. I should
also thank my staff in my college. Each one inspired me in some way. After completing my UG, while I was waiting for the offer letter from Satyam ( now
Mahindra Satyam), some turning-point came in my life. I joined Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore where I pursued M.Tech in Information Technology.
Though called by Mahindra Satyam after completing my PG, I was not interested in joining the company and I was recruited as an Assistant Professor in
SriGuru Institute of Technology. I think, GOD might have selected me to light up the life of some under-privileged ones. That's why I opted for academics rather
than the industry.Currently, I'm pursuing my PhD in part-time mode under the guideship of Dr.M.Marikkannan.

  I have a lot of friends right from my childhood to now. I love to spend time with them whenever I get some time. Friends are also a blessing given by GOD.
Upto now, I had friends who really helped me a lot in many things personally as well in my profession and my social activities. Thank you for your selfless
help, dear friends!

  I love reading books especially those related to Biology, Technology, Tamil Literature, Motivation, Life, Yoga and Psychology. If you enter my room,
you can find a number of books related to these topics. I have even got scolding for spending money on books. But, I think, it's a way to interact with the
great ones who wrote those books. Knowledge is the most powerful investment one can have. Apart from academics, I get myself involved in some other
activities like music, drawing, yoga, collection of biological specimen, stamp collection, coin collection etc. of which I don't do some now.I love nature and I
volunteer myself in some activities related to conservation of nature. I take this opportunity to thank my parents who are the first and foremost reason for my
position today!

Thank you Amma! Thank you Appa!
Last updated on July 01, 2012.